Friday, February 20, 2009

She's Come Undone

Just finished for the fourth time what I can easily say is the best book I ever read. Each time I read it, I love She's Come Undone more and more. Each time I discover something else that I missed or glossed over, and I appreciate the writing even more. Everyone knows what a bold statement "best book ever" is, and some people are too non-committal to even try, but I can say it with confidence.

I was in the mood to pick it up again after I finished the newest Wally Lamb novel. I find his writing to be addicting. And it still amazes me that he wrote such an amazing, poignant book from a woman's point of view! I probably don't need to go into too much detail about the plot since She's Come Undone was released nearly 13 years ago. It's told by Dolores Price, an extremely troubled girl, who has nearly nothing good ever happen in her life. The story follows her from ages four to 40, where she finally begins to heal, if only a little bit.

When I am not reading this book, I am thinking about it. I have never read anything else that affected me like this: I always think about Dolores. Probably the best way for me to give a synopsis is to point out the important imagery that is always running through my head long after I put the book down.

1. Roast Beef
2. Jukebox
3. Whales
4. Feet
5. Painting
6. TV
7. Dante
8. Rape
9. Etch-a-Sketch
10. Toll Booth

Is that tempting enough? Do yourself a favor and read it NOW. I'm sure I will pick it up again in a few years.

* * * * *

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Read my mind! brought to you by the letter C

A meme with a twist! Found this on Joanna's blog and asked her to HIT ME. If you wanna play, reply to me and I'll assign you a letter.

I've been filling out notes like crazy on Facebook, so of course I was intrigued by this one too. So here it is, 10 things that I love, all beginning with the letter C.

1. Coffee : To drink, as ice cream...pretty much anything with that flavor. And the smell of the beans is glorious.

2. Chocolate : Especially if it has nuts and/or caramel.

3. Cake : All kinds. Pan. Cup. Coffee. The band.

4. Children : A child's laugh is one of the best sounds. And my niece is pretty much the cutest, smartest, funniest kid on earth (I know, I'm biased, what of it?)

5. Chicago – the musical : And the movie. I saw the stage production from the front row. I'm pretty sure the performers thought I was a total dork because I had a huge grin and sang all the songs from the edge of my seat for the whole show.

6. CHEESE : I'm sensing way too many food loves. Is there a 12-step program for all things cheese?

7. College : So far, the best time of my life. I often joke that I want to go back, but just for the social aspect of it. I don't want to have to study! And I love visiting other college campuses when I travel. The atmosphere makes me happy. Fear the ROO!

8. Cha-cha : I'm cheating, but I had to somehow squeeze in my love for dancing...

9. Chaturanga Dandasana : But pretty much all things yoga.

10. Cleveland : I have to give props to the city where I live. Great people, restaurants, museums. Sucky weather, but then I wouldn't appreciate vacation as much, right?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still Summer

One of my favorite authors has done it again. Jacquelyn Mitchard never disappoints me, and Still Summer is no exception. I grabbed this one on CD, and I actually would find myself sitting in the car in my garage because I couldn't wait to find out what came next. Her novels are so unique and so different from each other.

Still Summer
is about a group of women who have been best friends since high school. Olivia, a wealthy widow, is moving back to the U.S. from Italy where her late husband owned a vineyard. She's a royal pain in the ass. And even as the book continued, I began to like her even less. But her friends stand by her and they have all agreed to take Olivia on a sailing vacation to welcome her home. Holly, Tracy and Janice are the other three, but when Janice's husband falls ill, Tracy decides to bring her 19-year old daughter, Camille, in Janice's place. A vacation that is meant to be all about relaxation and old friendships turns tragic in an instant. Now these four women have to fight for survival and pray to be rescued. I can't tell you any more than that. Just read it! For me this book contained suspense, emotion and overall great storytelling. I highly recommend it.

* * * * *