Monday, November 10, 2008

The Mystery in room 201a

I loved fifth grade. Mr. Murray was such a great teacher, and I remember so much about him even after about a million years later. He was a talented artist, writer and an overall cool guy. I recognized this about him when I was only 10! The main reason I loved fifth grade was because we had to write stories for "Language." Lots of them. They always had a theme or subject matter you had to follow, but otherwise it was whatever your creative mind could dream up. Even at that age I was an avid reader, so I can totally see words and styles in my writing that I'm sure I picked up from books I had read.

Over the weekend I found a few of my masterpieces and I had to share this one right away. The photo below is a small piece of the actual story, yellowed paper and all. And I even got an S+ (I almost always got an S+ for my magnificent writing)! I'm going to transpose it exactly like I wrote it because I think that adds to the charm of my 10-year old mind. Enjoy!

capter 1 The Mystery in room 201a
Once upon a time there was an old lady. She was very mean. Now she always committed murders. One day she went out and killed her own son! When she went to jail after the police caught her, they asked her why she did it. And she said "Because I don't want to see him anymore."
"Well" said the officer, "This is your sixth time in jail and you still haven't learned your lesson yet?" continued the officer. "You have to stop sometime or else you be in here for the rest of your life if you've got any." "Well I just don't care because I meet more people when I'm here."
"You don't have to know everybody in the world." "Yes I do I want to know who I can kill and who I can't." "Opps! that slipped out you weren't supposed to know my secret."
"We weren't supposed to hear you secret ayy lady." N-oNo-NN No you weren't." Then she said come here I feel sick." So they went over there and she took the key off the police and then shot them both. With that she unlocked the cell and ran out. She went to the cheapest diner in town (because she didn't have much money) and had some coffee and a donut. Then she shot the bartender and ran out without paying. Then she went back to her home and went to bed.

capter2 Going to Mississippi
That day when she woke up she dicided that wanted to go on a trip. She thought about going to Mississippi. So she packed her bags and got on a bus and went to the airport. (of course she wouldn't forget her gun) When she got to the airport, she lied to the person who takes the money for the tickets.
She said "My husband died and left me without any money and now I don't have any." "I'm sorry, you have to pay no-body can go on a plane without paying for their tickets." With that she shot him down and took the tickets and got on the plane. When she got to Mississippi, she took a taxi to the hotel she made reservations for and went to her room which was room 201a.
She was tired so she went to take a nap. When she woke up the phone rang, so she answered it and it was the person at the desk. He said, "Tonight is free dinner night and you can have a free dinner for the rest of this week.....Thank you." She decided she was going to go so she got dressed and went.
She had a very good dinner of roast beef, beans, potatoes, and coffee. Then she went upstairs and went to bed. The next day she said to herself "I think I'll go kill my best friend I don't like her anymore." So she went to her friends house and when she opened the door Bang! and she was dead.
capter3 No More Shooting.
When she got back to her apartment, she locked all the doors and windows so nobody could get in. She made herself some lunch and then took a nap. When she woke up she wanted to go for a walk but she wanted to wait for a while. She waited an hour and the got ready. She had to get dressed and put on some make-up and get her shoes on.
It was kind of cold out so she wore a coat. She opened the closet door and the man from the desk was in there and she said, "What are you doing there," and "Hello." He said good-bye and he shot her. And from then on everybody was happy and glad to know that the mean old lady wouldn't kill anymore people so they all lived happily ever after.

All my stories ended in happily ever after, but most of them were violent. No idea why?!!? Now I just need to find the best story of all: Cinderella and Frank.