Friday, October 12, 2007

What a GREAT birthday!

So it's not even noon and I've already had a great day. I am very spoiled by my friends at work...they are incredibly good to me.

Probably the best present I received today was a signed, first edition (!) hardcover copy of Run by Ann Patchett. Hooray! This is from the same awesome friend who got me Wicked: The Grimmerie last year. And I was completely speechless then! Let me say that I am completely obsessed with Wicked the Musical...I know every single word to every song, have seen the show twice and already have tickets to see it again in February. The only unfortunate thing though is that I absolutely hated the book. (I think that should be the subject of another post because I am talking about my birthday right now). But the Grimmerie is about the coolest book I've seen. It's the whole story of how the show got started and includes photos of the cast, lyrics, etc.

And just to top it off, this year, WOW, I have a signed book. Thanks, Joanna. I can't wait to read it. What a treasure.