Monday, September 24, 2007


I grabbed this book on CD from the library in preparation for a road trip. It is Augusten Burroughs's first novel, written in seven days, and it's hysterical! On his website he says, "It's absolutely the most shallow, petty, mean-spirited little book you'll read." I think he's right.

The book centers around a group of people employed by a fictional home shopping network. They all have serious issues. But the best part is that I laughed at their misfortunes! My favorite story was about a woman, who wasn't even a central character, who began drinking when her conjoined twins wouldn't get along. The story is told in such a dry way that you would miss out on how funny it really is if you weren't paying attention. Plus, with an audio book, the narrator makes all the difference. Robin Miles did a great job of holding my interest and making me laugh.

This book is nothing like his other books, but it's a fun read. Also, his brother, John Robison, wrote a book that releases September 25. Look Me in the Eye is an account of his struggle with Asperger's syndrome. I'm adding it to my list.