Friday, July 3, 2015

I Take You

by Eliza Kennedy
May 25-June 13, 2015

Usually before I write a review, I read a few other opinions on Goodreads. I like to see who felt the same way I did about a book, but also those who had a different or opposite reaction. I have to say that this time I was totally shocked. Boy, did people hate this book. And I guess if I translated its meaning as literally as some, I would have hated it too. But maybe for me it came along just at the right time and I enjoyed it at surface-level. No need to get in too deep here. I also believe that was the intention of the author. I Take You being her first novel, I'd say Eliza Kennedy accomplished that goal.

Lily is a young attorney with a passion for life, aka, booze and boys. She's about to be married to man who sounds absolutely perfect on paper (I had a crush on him in the beginning!). However, she can't seem to be faithful to him. This little bit of gender role reversal was fun, but was the first topic that began to off-put other readers. Mainly because as Lily is headed to Key West for her wedding, she sleeps with not only her boss, but many friends of her financé, Will, and countless others along the way. Her family life was unconventional, to say the least. Her father, having being married five times, and also a cheater, was the main crux of her issues. Although Lily and the people in her life are all completely flawed, I couldn't help but find them endearing. Again, taking this for a casual summer read, not the next great literary masterpiece.

Lily is hilarious and wow, can she drink. I have been known to over-imbibe on numerous occasions, but just reading about the quantities of liquor she consumed made me tipsy. Especially for a 27-year old!
"Men? They're not that hot. Not all-around, like women are. Men have random hairs and bad fashion instincts. Odd smells. They never exfoliate. Either they try way too hard, or they don't try at all. Of course, some are lovely, and most have a few good qualities, but sometimes you have to look hard for them. Like in those Where's Waldo? books."
See? Funny! As much fun as I was having reading about Lily's cocktails and sexcapades, the story started to fall apart toward the end. Will's big reveal just kind of cheapened the whole theme of the book. Why can't women have the upper hand just this once?! And that's the second subject that completely offended other readers. Plus, the "important deposition" (two days before her wedding!) was way too drawn-out; it was silly and forced. I would have been happier without it altogether. I'm also not sure her career added very much to the story. It would have been more interesting to continue reading about her childhood.

I do understand why people were offended by this book. And like I said, I typically would be too. But for some reason I enjoyed this little fantasy summer read. It's definitely not something I allow myself to read often, but once in a while it hits the spot.

I received I Take You from Blogging for Books for this review.
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