Friday, July 17, 2009


by Lynne Cox

When Lynne was 17-years old and swimming off the coast of northern California, she had such an amazing experience that 30 years later she wrote a memoir. Just as she was finishing a grueling swim in 55° water, she noticed that a lost baby gray whale was following her. For her to swim ashore would certainly kill the whale. Very quickly her and Grayson (she named him) developed a rapport that would seen inconceivable between animal and human. She stayed in the chilly water for another three hours until finally she was able to reunite the baby with his mother.

The story was fascinating and almost unbelievable at times, but still enchanting. Cox has a wonderful, descriptive writing style that kept me interested throughout the short, ten-chapter book. I actually had the audio version of this one and it's a good thing the story was so unique. The author herself read it and I can honestly say it was one of the worst narrations I have ever heard. Absolutely no tonal change in her low, breathy, droning voice. She even took the excitement out of a story that was nothing but. I would highly recommend that whoever is in charge rerecord the book with a different reader. I only hung on because it was really short and I had to hear that Grayson survived. But now that you know that, save yourself and read the 176 pages instead of listening to them.

* * * * *