Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I found a new thing

I admit. I can be a follower. Especially in this fun world of blogging. I'm always looking for fun new things to post since lately it's taking me WAY to long to finish a book. I've been seeing a lot of other bloggers have a tab or section on their blog called something like "100 things about me." And I thought it took a long time to read a book...oh boy, how long would it take to come up with that much about moi??

Then I found it. My new pal, Jeane, over at Dog Ear Diary and I have been corresponding about memes. She has a great section in her blog about this new (at least to me) modern game of tag. So I did some research on exactly what a meme is. First, the word is pronounced to rhyme with "dream" or "seem." In the context of blogging, a meme is a list of questions you read somewhere else that you would like to answer. Hopefully others will see your list and want to answer for themselves, and so on. In looking around for a definition, I found a great site to spark more ideas. Jeane also said she gets her book-related memes from here.

Instead of taking a lifetime to think of 100 things about myself, this meme will do the trick for now. Read on and consider yourself tagged!

Six Random Things About Me

1. There are three words in the English language that I actually detest: fondle, moist and morsel. Say any of them and you either want to gag or swallow. It's very hard for me to describe cake.

2. I love to be alone. Sometimes I fear this to be a problem. And I am never bored. Ever.

3. I have no patience for an adult with a lisp and/or speech impediment. If you are over the age of five and don't have a medical problem, get speech therapy. I know someone who can help.

4. I'm probably the only human being who doesn't like potatoes. And no, not even french fries.

5. I sucked my thumb until I was thirteen. Gave it up for Lent.

6. Lately I'm wondering what it would take for me to completely switch majors and become an art restorer. Or an archaeologist. Do I really have to go back to school??

That was fun! Stay tuned...