Monday, March 10, 2008

Maybe a Miracle

First thought: pleasant surprise. As I was reading: Way too far-fetched to be believable. Once I was finished: a funny, heart-warming tale that doesn't need to be "real" to be convincing.

The story takes place in Columbus, Ohio at the home of the Anderson family. Monroe, 18, is headed off to his senior prom when he finds his 11-year old sister (with whom he is very close) face down in the pool. He saves her life, but she unfortunately still ends up in a coma. After his mother thinks that the doctors can do nothing more for Annika, they bring her home to live in a "perpetual vegetative state." The father, a lawyer, does not like this idea and turns to the bottle. Monroe would much rather stay under the radar; he does not want to be considered a hero, but is now forced to allow believers into his home after a series of "miracles" occur. That's when his mother turns to the Bible. The novel continues on in both a humorous and heartbreaking manner. The characters are actually believable, and Monroe becomes quite the philosopher.

I recommend Maybe a Miracle by Brian Strause as a fast-paced, easy beach read. You'll definitely finish it with a smile on your face.