Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Islands by Anne Rivers Siddons is an account of lifelong friends who call themselves the "Scrubs." The core members grew up together in Charleston and, as adults, they share, with their spouses, a Carolina beach house where they spend vacations and holidays together (this theme sort of dragged on without much happening for a great deal of the book). In the course of the story many of the people pass on, but I think I was actually the most upset when Henry's dog, Gladys, dies. As I read on, my impression was that this was just of a saga about a group of friends, but in the last few chapters a mystery unfolds that was completely unexpected. I nearly gave up reading this book a few times, but was glad I held out for the twist at the end.

I actually listened to this book on CD, which made it easier to endure. If I had read the pages, I'm quite sure I never would have finished it. The narrator's voice was sweet and had a great Southern accent, so even when I tuned out of the story, her voice was soothing. At only five CDs, it's a good choice for a road trip with your mom.