Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey and Magazines

This holiday weekend I found myself doing something I rarely afford myself the luxury of doing: nothing. Actually, lying around and catching up on magazines. I had a huge pile of all my favorites; People, Real Simple, Blueprint, Everyday Food and Body & Soul. I think the reason my periodicals pile up is because I am truly more of a book person. I prefer the commitment of a novel over a weekly gossip rag. But from time to time I have to stay informed and learn new recipes, decorating ideas and what's hot in fashion. From RS I learned that olive oil takes the Christmas tree sap off of your skin. Body & Soul had a great article on compact fluorescent light bulbs (I've been wanting to switch for a while). I was in tears as I read the People article on Good Morning America's co-host, Robin Roberts, and her battle with breast cancer. I have about a million cool websites to check out thanks to Blueprint. And who wouldn't want to try vegetable enchiladas that take less than an hour to prepare (thanks, Everyday Food!)?? But mainly it was so wonderful to relax and spend some quality time by myself.

I also thought about what I am thankful for. My family is small, but close, and every holiday season I thank God that I don't have to drive all over the city eating more than one dinner. We get to stay put in one house all day! I know there are not many people who can say that.