Thursday, December 31, 2015

Did You Ever Have a Family

by Bill Clegg
Dec. 19-22, 2015

I am stunned. That doesn't happen often. My favorite thing is when I can't stop thinking about a book, long after I've turned the last page. This is most certainly one of those. Even more rare, I am contemplating rereading this book SOON. It's short, but I still tore through it in three days. Reading on a beach in Mexico probably played a big part, but it doesn't diminish the beauty that is Did You Ever Have a Family.

Character study achieved to perfection. The first time I cried was on page 61, the next was page 109, then I lost count. By the end I wanted to sob. It's definitely heavy, heavy reading, but worth every word. I simply could not put this book down.
“The world’s magic sneaks up on you in secret, settles next to you when you have your head turned.”
I know it's crazy, but I am speechless. Isn't it funny that I have little say about such an amazing novel? It's kind of pointless to relay the plot, since it's both simple and complicated, and easy to find on the dustcover. But I recommend going in blindly. It makes for a better experience. I can't possibly recommend this book more. Go. Now.

* * * * *