Monday, June 1, 2015

Play On: Now, Then, and Fleetwood Mac: The Autobiography

by Mick Fleetwood
April 21-May 5, 2015

My love of Fleetwood Mac knows no bounds. If I met Stevie Nicks, my life would be complete. Does that sound sad? Hell no!! She's my favorite. I would at least love to sit and chat with her for an afternoon. But my obsession continues into all of Fleetwood Mac's music. I know every single song forward and backward. Not as much the stuff before Lindsay and Stevie joined the band on New Year's Eve 1974, but from then on, I know and love it.

I'm not sure that there's a ton to say about an autobiography as far as the subject matter goes. I mean, would you read one about someone who didn't interest you? Right. So why wouldn't I love this one? I feel like I knew a lot of the history going in to it, but I learned so much more about the early years and got the real scoop on Mick's love affair with Stevie. It was also fun to hear about the other big bands on the scene around the same time: the Stones, the Beatles, the Dead and so on.

The audiobook, read by Martin Dew, was the perfect companion to my spring cleaning. Listening away while being insanely productive makes me very happy. It also helps that the narration was great. Not necessarily the next literary prize winner, but a must read for any Mac fan.

* * * * *