Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Vacationers

by Emma Straub
Sept 26-Oct 20, 2014

Perfect time of year to read about a family vacation to Mallorca. A family with issues, but a vacation nonetheless. This book had the lazy, carefree tone of a vacation that sucked me in right away.

And then. And then nothing happened! The Posts brought their infidelity baggage with them and their 35-year marriage, while their daughter just kind of watched everything happen around her. Her brother was a bit of a disaster and quite honestly an asshole. Throw in the family friends, who had the potential to be the most interesting of the bunch, but were there just to make sure more drama filled the pages.

I struggled through this very short book and honestly should have just given up. It didn't hold my attention, and I can't say that I formed any attachment to any one character. And though I'm not a prude and don't mind a little "sex talk" in the novels I read, I found that, out of nowhere, an overly-crude sentence or two would pop up without enhancing the story one way or the other. Add the cliche of a love-struck teenager who ends up getting used in her most vulnerable state, and it's just time for this vacation to end.

Just as my eye rolling and tongue clicking was getting louder and more frequent, Straub pulled out the ultimate cheesy metaphor. With everyone all kissy/huggy and made up, they fly home:
"Marriages, like ships, needed steering, and steady hands at the wheel. Franny wrapped both of her arms around Jim's right one, her grip firm and ready for any turbulence ahead."
Gimme a break.

* * * * *