Monday, October 14, 2013

Everything Changes

by Jonathan Tropper
Sept 10-25, 2013

I have a friend and coworker who I consider to be extremely smart and well-read, plus he's also a writer. But for some crazy reason, he comes to me when he needs a book recommendation. I'm glad to say that I've pulled through every time. My latest recommendations for him were "anything" by Jonathan Tropper. My first suggestions were the two titles I'd already read, but from there he took it and ran. He came to me after returning from a flight and said he'd read One Last Thing... in one sitting. It made him laugh, cry and totally relate to the story. He jumped into another Tropper right away and came back to me singing its praises. That's how I came upon my third Tropper novel, Everything Changes.

Zack seemingly has everything. A rent-free house, loyal friends and a hot fiancée. When his absentee father reappears (with a perma-boner), everything ahem changes. Under it all though is a great story about friendships and the family bond. Tropper has the ability to make the reader laugh out loud in one sentence and get misty-eyed in the next. He can even make an inanimate object an important character in the story. Zack's brother Matt is a talented musician with a shaved head and an attitude. But, knowing how much his mother is disturbed by his bald pate, he wears a wig in her presence. It was amazing to me that this wig was at once both a hilarious little antidote and a poignant reminder of a son's devotion to his mother.

Truly a great storyteller, I highly recommend Jonathan Tropper.

* * * * *