Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dark Places

by Gillian Flynn
Feb. 27-March 20, 2013

And so rounds out my literary kick on Gillian Flynn.

Wow, Flynn has one sick and twisted mind. And she admits it! Lucky for us, that translates perfectly into pages and pages of tense scenes, crazy characters and heart-pounding plots.

Dark Places is Flynn's second novel, and my least favorite. That's hardly a bad thing, though, since it's the least favorite in a trio of really good books. Libby Day is the only survivor of her family; all of whom were murdered 25 years ago. Her father doesn't count and her brother sits in jail, convicted of the murders. Libby was seven when the massacre occurred and she was the one who testified against her brother. Now she lives a lonely life, is mean and nasty, and profits off of the tragedy. She's contacted by a group called the Kill Club, in which members obsess about infamous crimes, and is asked to help prove her brother's innocence. Libby opens old wounds and brings long-forgotten people back into her life as she agrees to help the Club. Of course the agreement comes with a price; literally and figuratively.

Flynn is a master at keeping her readers on the edges of their seats. I devoured this book almost as quickly as the others and again was completely surprised by the ending. I will be eagerly awaiting her next novel.

* * * * *