Sunday, February 3, 2013

Defending Jacob

by William Landay
December 2012-January2013

When my mom recommended Defending Jacob to me last summer, I was fairly quick to dismiss her. Most of the time we have the same reading tastes, but where we differ is in the murder/mystery category. She loves them: she's a huge fan of James Patterson. I liked the first few Alex Cross books, but quickly lost interest. I tried reading a few of the other series by Patterson, but yuck. That's it. Yuck. Not my cup o' tea. And while I continually proclaim to my mother that I'm not a lover of this genre, she continues to "persuade" me to read certain novels. She also has much more time to read, so therefore picks up just about anything from library because she can breeze through 350+ pages in a few days. I need to be more finicky since my reading time can be precious and limited. But after a few more positive reviews and the generosity of Joanna, who lent me the audiobook, I succumbed.

The assistant district attorney's son has been accused of murder. All signs point to Jacob's guilt, but isn't it a parent's duty to defend their child under any circumstance? Thus is the crux of Landay's third crime novel. I think what drew me in this time was the fact that I was reading a more character-driven novel with the focus on the family's relationship, unlike the usual whodunit. And although I am terrible at predicting the outcome of any book, I dare say that no one could have seen this ending coming.

Defending Jacob was a welcomed change. It even had me thinking about it for a few days afterward...always a good sign. Can you inherit a "murder gene?" Are you willing to defend a loved one at any cost? At what point does it simply become unbearable? Do you give up?

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