Friday, January 7, 2011

Still Missing

by Chevy Stevens

Still MissingOh holy crap. Immediately sucked in.
"You know Doc, you're not the first shrink I've seen since I got back. The one my family doctor recommended right after I came home was a real prize. The guy actually tried to act like he didn't know who I was, but that was a pile of crap – you'd have to be deaf and blind not to. Hell, it seems every time I turn around another asshole with a camera is jumping out of the bushes. But before all this shit went down? Most of the world had never heard of Vancouver Island, let alone Clayton Falls. Now mention the island to someone and I'm willing to bet the first thing out of their mouth will be,  'Isn't that where the lady Realtor was abducted?' "

I loved the writing perspective of the Realtor, Annie, speaking directly to the psychiatrist, whose "voice" is never heard. But knowing that she is speaking to him after her horrific ordeal doesn't make the tale any less stressful, even though you realize she survived her one-year abduction. The nightmare of Annie being taken from an open house, having to live like a wife to a psychotic maniac, and her eventual escape is truly only the beginning. As Annie tries to work out her fears and attempt regaining a "normal" life, she is still hoping to find out more about her abductor and why she was his victim. The result is something I don't think any reader will figure out.

My heart didn't stop pounding the whole time I was reading. Just thinking back on it as I type this, my heart pounds again. If you are looking for a real suspenseful, unique, quick read, go now. Actually, even if you aren't, just get Still Missing. It's that good.

* * * * *