Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moving to a New Home and Liking it.

Enjoy another lovely story from my youth. Apparently all the characters I wrote about had a great deal of strife! I also was quite preoccupied with eating. Hmmm, that was some obvious foreshadowing for my life.
Moving to a New Home and Liking it.
All aboard! Train leaving for California. We were on our way to California at last. I was kicked out of my house reason being that a man named Jack Jones robbed my land. I didn't have any other place to live in South Dakota so I was forced to move. I decided on California. I'm on my way. I have 3 kids. My husband died 2 years ago. My name is Isabelle. My littlest girl, Sarah is 2. My oldest girl, Carry is 10. My oldest son, John is 12. Well five more minutes until we get there. We're there. Oh good. I will go to my new home.
Finally, when I was there in my home, Cary asked, "Will I like it here as much as I did in South Dakota?"
"We will find out," said Isabelle, "I am sure you will."
"Oh good," said Carry.
Then Sarah walked in. "I'm hungry."
"Well we can't eat until we get unpacked. Even then we can't eat because I have to go shopping."
Isabelle was one of those people who were rich enough to buy food and needs for her family but too poor to buy a radio.
They unpacked their clothes and went to the Genarel Store. They bought everything that they would eat for two days. Then they went home ate and went to bed. The next day they got up late ate breakfast and decided to go next door and meet the people who lived there. There were only two people. Mary Sue & her husband Dick. They liked Isabelle and her kids very much.
They became good friends. Mary Sue and Dick helped raise money for Isabelle to buy a new radio. Finally they bought it.
After two days went by, Carry said, "I like it here. I like my new friends Mary Sue & Dick.
"I knew you would," said Isabelle, "I knew you would."