Monday, October 6, 2008

Twelve Times Blessed

Check out my top ten favorite books and you will see Jacquelyn Mitchard as the author of one. Luckily, I found another of her books that I didn't know about, published in 2004, and I loved it.

Twelve Times Blessed is about True, a widow, and her wonderful support group of family and friends. On her 43rd birthday, True is feeling wistful. Her friends take her out to celebrate and she meets Hank, the owner of the bar, who she proceeds to beat at a game of darts. Their chemistry is instant, even though he is about ten years younger. They are married shortly after their first meeting and she begins the cycle of sabotaging what good fortune she has been given. Not that Hank is innocent; he has trouble adjusting to an instant family after thoroughly enjoying his bachelor years.

I really, really enjoyed this book. Listening to it on CD, read by the author herself, I was engrossed the whole time. I actually was disappointed at how fast I finished it. Then I realized that I had borrowed the abridged version from the library. It was so good though that I am considering trying to find it unabridged and listen again. Mitchard has definitely earned a spot as one of my favorite authors.

* * * * *