Monday, June 30, 2008

The New Classics: Books

I really used to think that I read a lot. I know I definitely read more than some of my friends who also love to read. But I have been checking out some blogs lately by other readers and it puts me to shame. One woman reads 80-150 books a year (she recently told me it's more like 1-2 books a week, but still)! While she reads a lot more non-fiction than I do, it's still a huge accomplishment. Another blogger reads many of the same books that I do, but he still kicks my ass at the quantity of books, and even has a 10,000 page-a-year goal. I'm too afraid that if I gave myself that kind of "goal" it would feel too much like homework and therefore be too much pressure. I feel that way about book clubs too. I prefer to read what I want, when I want, and in my own time frame. But I still say (almost daily I repeat it to myself) that if I didn't work there is NO WAY that I would ever be bored. I would have time for my many hobbies, cook better and workout daily. Ahh, to dream. But I digress.

I love lists. Especially lists made about "best" books. Entertainment Weekly came out with the top 100 books from 1983-2008. I like to play a game with myself and get a really high number of "been there, done that." But on this list I only count eleven that I have read. That makes me sad. My list continues to grow, and if weren't for books on CD, I would be even further behind. Check out the list and let me know how many you've read. If it's less than 11, I might even feel a little better.